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Welcome to Creative Minds!

Purpose of the community

This community is for everyone that is interested or talented in any form of Artistic medium.

I (returnoftheape) wanted to make a community that would bring the arts all together. Whatever you can create, we wanna see it! Take a look below at our interests to get an idea of what we're all about. I really want Creative Minds members to feel free to share their thoughts about art and tell personal stories about trial and triumph when it pertains to the community's interests. I'd also love for this to be a forum for members to showcase their work, as well as get help & advice from fellow creative minds ;)


Pictures/Written work: For the sake of picture loading, or friend page disconfigurations, please keep your work at 550 x 550 pixels, or thereabout. I'd like to enjoy everyone's art, without waiting another millienium to see it! And, if you are posting a lenghty poem or short story, please use the LJ cut tag. Make sure your comments are constructive and not demeaning, for the benefit of our artists here. Thanks so much.

Community Content: This is not a community for any graphic/pornographic or discriminating mediums.

Nude art: If you wish to post nude art sculpture, paintings, sketches, photography, etc. then we ask that you please use the LJ cut tag for these types of posts. Some of our members are viewing from the workplace, and would not want those images to appear unannounced.

Friendly Reminder: This community is not for posting daily entries, that should be left for your personal journal. Please keep your topics of discussion on the interests of the community. Thanks :D