Ghazali Naru (ghazalinaru) wrote in creative_minds,
Ghazali Naru


Sexing, hexing your mind.
Perplexingly hardworking
I stay on that grind.
Got my time spent on
Learning to find out new shit
Burning to sign my initials
Emblazoned in the sky
Wish you was here with me
Guess you are, I still cry
"Not mine." All the time.
Par for the course, I've decided.
Of course, that's a lie.

Because when it weighs on my mind
I'm blind with a rage that cuts like two knives stapled together
And binded in blood
Signed "whatever" and sliced
Like a pie and I've never
Been so right now in my life.

All right?

Well. What else is there?
Pray tell me my decision
Was wrong enough to lead me
Right into you
Side swiped, barely alive
Clutching my last breath before I die.
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